Dewi Shinta Restaurant

Welcome to Dewi Shinta Restaurant (Authentic Indonesian Restaurant), it offers a variety mix of traditional and modern Indonesian cuisine as well as International delicacies. With an open air concept restaurant, our chef and his staff will assist you in making an unforgettable dining experience with their flawless service attention to detail and dine with pool view.

Indulge your self in our restaurant in Kuta, Bali!

Opening Hour :

Monday to Sunday 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cuisines :

Asian, Indonesian, International

Dining options :

Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

Price range :

Rp. 63,000 - Rp. 125,000

Signature Menu

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Opak Grilled Snapper

Bali is well known with its fresh seafood. With the richness of our traditional flavor, our chef has brought this “Opak” spices from Java to make it available at our Dewi Shinta Restaurant. This spice is just perfectly balanced to accompany the grilled red snapper fish. It looks like a simple menu, but it has rich and complex taste, yet so fragrant. Enjoy this Opak Snapper at our restaurant.

Beef Rendang Padang

A taste from West Sumatra, Rendang is a very common dish served across many countries, stew beef coconut curry. This tender meat is also very rich in spices and the name of the menu itself is come from the cooking method’s name which is “me-Rendang” with the meaning of slow-cooking. The meat itself is slow cooked in coconut milk and a paste of our local mixed ground spices in a pot on a small fire for hours. The liquid in the pot will thicken and allow the meat to absorb all of the spices and become tender at the same time. The gravy is just perfect to be mixed with hot steamed rice, accompanied with the traditional papaya leaves curry.

Crispy Dirty Duck

At first this Balinese Crispy dirty duck is very famous in Ubud, Bali as its crispy outside and tender inside. Thus, our chef has experimented for sometime to find that taste, as he wants the foreigners to taste it, without travelling too far to Ubud. With the local and fresh ingredients, he serves the duck with Balinese “Jukut Bejek”, which is long bean with Balinese green curry sauce. It’s the best to eat the duck with a heat from the variety of Balinese sambal and mix with steamed rice.

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